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noturfav 2 years ago
Sweet home alabama
4 years ago
Super sexy
Piratavil 4 years ago
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2 years ago
I grew up with her she’s a meme back home now
2 years ago
Nothing would give me more pleasure than sharing sexy orgasms with you. You would be the best sex when we do it in person.
Howard 3 years ago
Jade Amber,
a. Funny - Starbucks can't cutoff a cell phone trans.ission ( they can interrupt /stop an Email ). So, You are now part of the morning coffee clutch. The old farts still sit around Starbucks talkin' politics ... And I' m just a sitting here drinking coffee and watching you.

b. You are getting really good at this porn stuff. And, yes, I enjoy your steady progress .
Ben Chaod 2 years ago
Nice,hot,wet Mud Flaps rubbing down a shaft. Doesn't get more arousing than THAT..!!
Wanna play 2 weeks ago
Wanna play
Stefan Harper 2 years ago
You can be bored with me any day Jade..:)
NekoNeko 3 years ago
shes so hot and her moan is tasty